Kits are available for purchase at Beyond Beads Gallery.  Many different kits are available but each set is of limited quantity.  All beads are hand selected creating a palate that will ensure inspiration and creativity.

All kits come with beads only. Backing, thread needles can be purchased separately. Each kit is complete as shown and costs $65.  Shipping is USPS Priority Mail.

New Kits -- Winter 2011  

Natural Recourse
Natural Recourse Kit


Eyes of Wisdom

Eyes of Wisdom Kit


Blackened Forest

Blackened Forest Kit

Back to Nature

Back to Nature Kit

Rusty Redwood

Rusty Redwood Kit

The Core of Our Soul
The Core of Our Soul Kit

Ancient Woodland

Ancient Woodland Kit

Fallen Forest

Fallen Forest Kit

Rain Forest

Rain Forest Kit

World Tree

World Tree Kit

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